The Arid Crop Seed Cache was established to rescue and reintroduce native, heirloom and forgotten crops. As the largest collection in New Mexico, the survival of this seed diversity is crucial to our history, culture, and biodiversity. The ACSC works directly with farmers and growers to revive these crops through seed saving and breeding workshops, so these crops can attain a place at our tables once again.

The Social Investment Loan Fund provides financial products and support to communities, families and individuals for economic development and financial growth. A strong emphasis is placed on rural economic development projects that connect rural and urban economic sectors.

Agriculture Stewardship. Technical Assistance for community-based efforts to regenerate small-scale agriculture, restoring it as a viable component of local economies. Provide support, outreach and technical assistance via workshops and printed materials to increase productivity, financial stability, the number of agricultural producers and sales of agricultural products in the state.