The Whole of Seed – offered by Cuatro Puertas, Albuquerque, NM

Seed saving has reached stardom status.  Everyone wants to learn how to save their seeds, yet seed is only one link in an entire system.  To successfully pass seeds on to future generations, we need to understand how the system functions and where we fit in it before the seed is even planted.

Join us for a few classes or a two-year adventure in learning about seeds.  Experience them through a hands-on approach, with you in the driver’s seat.  For those wanting to become community seed breeders, a third year of instruction is required.  Successful completion will provide our local communities with seed breeders who can be contracted for seed production.
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Watch for the late summer and fall classes to be posted by August 15th.


Location:  909 Copper NW; Albuquerque, NM 87102

Registration:  Deadline for registering is Wednesday before the class starts, unless stated otherwiseFor additional information contact us here.


The Whole of Seed Curriculum Track Options

The crop trials and grow-outs are one-on-one technical assistance at your location with our instructors during the three-year course cycle.  For individuals not wanting a certificate for seed breeding, crop trials are not necessary.  We will provide in-depth consultation.  The technical assistance is free for students signing up through December 2017.