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Spring 2016 Workshops

Enjoy a few afternoons learning to reclaim our commons – land, water, air, soil and seed. Cuatro Puertas is offering a series of workshops to re-learn the skills to live responsibly within our world.  By sharing knowledge, experience, seeds and stories, we can all learn to create our special space.

For Everyone: From eaters to gardeners, farmers and beyond

Spring Tonic

  • What’s up with this crazy spring climate?
  • Importance of planting and seed-saving to you
  • Start simple: Learning the language of plants and basic botany
  • Foods to plant in early spring and how to eat them
  • Seeds to plant for Spring Tonic

Spring Cleaning

  • Seed Collection: Special tour and unique hands-on experience
  • Learn about local seed efforts: Arid Crop Seed Cache and The Whole of Seed Project
  • Keep current on threats to seed and food supply
  • Highlight at-risk crops and opportunities for new growers
  • Tips for successful seed-saving

Spring Starts

  • Plant Selection: What do you like? What is easy for you to grow?
  • Homegrown: Site Assessment
  • Biodiversity in our hands: Repopulating the agro-ecosystem through your plantings

Spring Seeding: Touch the Soil

  • Hands-on seeding & seed sharing
  • Planting seeds: Ceremonial and Technical Practices
  • Garden Site Visits

Dates for Free Workshops:                                            

March 19                     Spring Tonic   1 – 4 pm

March 20                     Spring Cleaning Seeds  1 – 4 pm

April 2                          Where to Start   1- 4 pm

April 3                          Hands-On Activity – Direct Seeding 1- 4 pm



Planting for Seed Saving: An Introduction and Guide to Starting
offered by Cuatro Puertas, Albuquerque, NM

Date: November 22nd and 23rd
Time: 9 am – 3 pm
Cost: $30 per day or $50 for both days
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Registration or questions:

Ever wonder where and when to start, if you want to save your own seeds? Come learn the basics to create a holistic environment for healthy, locally adapted seeds. The class will cover soil, types of seeds, and their place in our food system and in your landscape. A list of simple crops that can be planted during your first year will be provided. For each crop, we will review pollination botany, isolation requirements and techniques, and seed harvesting and cleaning.

Day 1: The Act of Saving Seeds and Preparations for Next Year

Day 2: Specific Techniques for Growing and Saving Seed – Where to Start

Isaura Andaluz has practiced permaculture and treatment-free beekeeping for over twenty years. She is the Executive Director for Cuatro Puertas, which created the Arid Crop Seed Cache (ACSC) – a living seed collection of heirloom and drought tolerant crops. The ACSC is working to bring back “forgotten crops” to our tables and equally significant, develop the “heirlooms of tomorrow”. Cuatro Puertas recently created a two-year comprehensive course, The Whole of Seed, to train individuals in holistic seed breeding and saving.

Joshua Cravens has been growing a diversity of organic seeds, fruits, and produce in permaculture systems for over 19 years. For the last 14 years, he has been developing a food forest with his family in Monticello, New Mexico and breeding some of tomorrow’s heirlooms for future generations. He is passionate about clean, regionally sustainable food systems and sharing his experience with those who care to listen. He has served as Project Director for the ACSC and is an instructor for the The Whole of Seed certification class. Joshua will be sharing with you the basic ins-and-outs of growing high-quality organic seed.

Michael Reed is an environmental philosopher and certified permaculture designer and instructor. A year-round farmer for the past 25 years, he is dedicated to growing regionally adapted food and medicinal plants and is passionate about reintroducing to the public forgotten or neglected sources of useful plants and animals. To that end, he works with the Arid Crop Seed Cache and teaches sections of The Whole of Seed certification course. He participates in a collective effort to reintroduce regionally appropriate heirloom fruits, nuts, berries, and perennials adaptable to NM’s challenging environment. Currently, over 400 varieties are found at his farm – La Orilla in the South Valley where he teaches the Mother of All Backyard Gardening Courses, a 12-part permaculture-based series of classes.

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